Owner of my Happiness

Owner of my Happiness

Martha Navia, Home
August 16, 1986

your mystery,
the hidden world you surround
is my world,
the unknown I want to know.

Open your doors
for me to me come in
to share your enchantment
your happiness.

You and me
share it all
work for making it better.

You, the owner of my happiness
I need you, I want you
you’re everything to me.

I don’t wanna loose you,
I only wanna please you,
I never wanna leave you.
I only wanna love you.

Please come to me.
Be mine, all mine, only mine.
I don’t wanna dream anymore,
I want reality;
I want you, only you.
You, my great love
my only fantasy
the owner of my happiness,
I’ll be yours forever more.

I miss you,
I need you here with me,
make me feel you entirely;
your breath against mine,
your arms surrounding me,
your lips touching mine,
your body covering me.

I wanna kiss you, hug you,
I wanna be all yours.

Come with me,
owner of my happiness
and make this world
a heaven full of love and beauty
and make my wishes, our wishes
turn into reality…